Uncle Sam Yard Sign

Monday, June 13, 2016
 Just a quick little blog post to share some signs I made for the 4th of July.  I cut out the shape of the hat/beard, and then another rectangle piece to nail/glue (wood glue) on top  I also found a start that was already cut at a craft store.  I don't have the right equipment to easily cut out shapes as small as the star.  I started with a base of house paint to help protect the wood from warping in the rain.
I painted up a simple face, and used the handle of a foam brush to dot the eyes on using regular ol' craft paint. I flicked black and white paint over the whole thing with a toothbrush.  I'm telling you, this is probably the most critical step for me, it just really makes everything look so much nicer.   After it all dried and I had nailed it to a stake (from Home Depot) I added a coat of polycrylic paint to help protect it from the weather.

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