Baseball Wreath

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
 I'm headed to GMT today to demo some summer wreaths.  I've been posted those tutorials over the last few days.  I'll post the video later on facebook, but in the meantime, here is the final wreath.
 I'm going to demo this bubble wreath on Good Morning, Texas.  It's soooooo simple, and requires no glue.  I decided to deck this guy out for baseball season.  I bought all these ribbons at Hobby Lobby for half off (they sell their ribbon at half price for 50% off every other week, so...check your adds..if they aren't on sale this week, they will be next week-this makes them 1-2 dollars).  I did go to JoAnn for the baseball ribbon.
 I just found places all over the wire frame within the bubbled burlap and tied a knot until it was totally covered.
I found some used baseballs from a thrift store nearby, and a chalk board to write messages on (perhaps the score?) and I added those as well.  I'm ready for a (continued) great season, Rangers.

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Shellz said...

Just saw your spot on GMT great job and I'm so in to these crafts these days and doing them on a budget. Thanks for the inspiration keep crafty!