Dollar Store Rope Wreath

Monday, July 04, 2016
 I put together this wreath really quickly for an upcoming GMT segment.  I'm going to add some royal blue letters eventually to help fill it out on the left, but....for now here's a quick tutorial.
I bought a foam form at the Dollar Tree and some rope at Hobby Lobby (it was 5.99, but I used a coupon-it came with 100 feet, but I only used about half of it).  They do sell rope at the Dollar Tree, but it's thinner, so for this case....
 I took the rope and put some hot glue every inch or so.  Not only did I attach it to the form, I also attached it to the rope next to it so it was really secure.  What you will notice as you are wrapping, assuming you just want one layer is that you are going to end up with gaps like this...
 What I did was cut a small piece(s) that fit in the gap and then glue them down....
 Here is the finished piece, and it's really not noticeable.
 Here are all those gaps closed.
 I also did three rings just to give it some dimension.
I added some starfish, ribbon, anchors etc...whatever was on hand.  Like I said....letters coming, but.....for less than ten bucks....a little summer wreath ready to go.  

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