Pumpkin Screen Painting

Friday, August 12, 2016
A little over a year ago I got new windows/screens.  I saved my old screens to craft with (plus this door below....that project is still on the shelf).
 I printed of a pumpkin picture like the one I painted last summer, but....I'm just now forcing myself to get these screens painted!  The key to painting on screens is A)  Choosing an easy design.  and B)  Paint on a trash bag or old table cloth b/c it will help the paint 'pool' and fill in some of the gaps in the screen as it dries so that the paint is a little darker.
I added a bow to the corner, but I actually just pinned it on the screen with a safety pin, this will allow the bow to be pulled of for storing it flat.  I also painted the silver a black color so it was more Halloween/Fall, and I sprayed a coat of water proofing spray to that so it wouldn't scratch off as easily.  

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