Making Bows 101

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
I'm currently in a holding pattern.  I've been collecting some fun things to put together my dream craft room. brother is currently residing in said room.  I was going to try to up my youtube game this year, but....there really isn't a great place to record.  BUT here is a video I'll see my issues....I ran out of storage room, I ran out of glue, and my dog saw her shadow or something and decided to express her feelings mid video.  BUT...I told a gal I'd teach her how to make a bow,'s been a little chaotic, so I recorded her a video for now and provided some supplies so I'm almost teaching her...and when we finally do get to get together for bow lessons....she'll be ready for Bow 102.  So...if you want to see a few ways to make some (almost) free bows.  You can find that video here.
I also refer to a bow pattern I have online (free).  That lives here.

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