Mouse Inspired Invites

Friday, September 16, 2016

One of our coworkers was having a baby and she didn't not know the gender.  She also loves all things Disney.  We decided to do a Mickey or Minnie themed shower.  I downloaded some free fonts that are inspired by Disney fonts and I found an invitation the other hostesses and I thought looked easy, but cute.  We came up with a little poem and then I found a free outline of a onside and printed it on the invite too.  
We just needed the lines to follow the shape to keep it centered, but we cut away the black outline.  I looked for washi to jazz up the onsie a little, but failed on that after two stores (I know it's out there, but I was out of time), so we glued some red scrapbook paper to the bottom.  Since it's a work shower, we made these for each grade level team, and then attached a card with each members name on it so they could RSVP individually by the work mail boxes.  I used some more mouse inspired gloves etc to make the RSVPs.  More details to come soon.  :O)
*Update:  This little mousekateer made HIS entrance into the world early!  It's a Mickey, and he also made his appearance before the shower, so....same shower theme (ish), but with a few changes since we know the gender!!  BUT...this was how the invites went out, but we are adapting a little to shower mama and baby in a month or so when they are feeling up to traveling!

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