Aging Wood

Monday, November 21, 2016
I've accidentally aged a lot of wood over the years....but that requires A)  Being forgetful B) Mother Nature and usually C)  Carpenter Ants.  So, said aged wood gets tossed.  This year I wanted to make some angels for my front yard (finished project coming later), but I wanted to have an aged look to the wood (I'm white washing later on top of the 'aging').  I googled a bunch of different ways to age, and went with the simple tutorial of steel wool (Brillo Pads) and Apple Cider Vinegar.  
 I soaked the wool in the vinegar overnight (a procrastinators dream project).  Then I took it out and just rubbed the wood down with the steel wool.
 It initially looked like the above pictures (you could see the lines of the wood starting to darken).  I let it dry for about a day and it was much darker.  I went over it a few more times b/c I want my angels well aged, but....I'd say that's a pretty simple tutorial that takes about a year less than mother nature and doesn't invite as many critters over to inspect your 'aging' wood.

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