DIY Cork Board

Friday, November 18, 2016
 Several years ago my brother moved in for a little bit....and it ended up becoming a 'lot a bit' when he purchased a new car.  What I learned in the meantime (along with lots of ideas for Vegan cooking) was that I can live without a guest room.  Which's time for a craft room!  I'm going to do an extensive post all about said craft room when its finished, but in the meantime....I'll be posting some of the diy projects.  I can already tell you this will be my favorite room of all times!  This first project was an easy one....I had a frame someone had given me and some paint I bought for some laundry room projects.
 I bought a large piece of cork from Home was less than 6 bucks and I had a TON left over even though the frame is at least 24 inches by 18.  I used the insert to measure out how big to cut it.
 I cut the piece out with my jigsaw.  If you only own one tool (and I only own three), this is one I say is a must.  You could use a saw, but....a jigsaw is what I'd want with me on a deserted island.  No brand advertisement or suggestions, just sayin'....
 I then slipped my finished piece into the frame and hot glued the edges.
Winning at life.

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