New York City is always a good idea...

Friday, November 11, 2016
...even in the rain.
 Last spring, when the new school calendar went online and I saw I Columbus day off again, I looked up New York City flights on a whim.  It turns out Virgin Airlines was running an amazing deal on flights and I couldn't help but book one.
 This was my fifth trip to the big apple, but it never ceases to reveal new corners for me to explore.  It also never fails to rain when I visit, which means my camera isn't quite as useful as it is in other locations.  I love her still.  This go 'round I went to the Met.  I only had a little bit of time, and there is a lot of museum, so....I'll save that for another trip, but I did get to explore the American Art corner of the Met.
 ...and my teammate told me not to miss the rooftop garden with amazing views of Central Park and NYC skyline.  She didn't lie.  It was stunning!
 When I was talking to my friend Maurine, who lives in Florida, I mentioned I was heading there and it just so happened she and her husband were coming in from a cruise the very same weekend.  I can't tell you how excited I was to hear that b/c we get very few days to spend together due to distance and schedules.  We met up in the evening and she was on board for taking a train to Brooklyn and walking back across the bridge.  The walk was about a mile, and even in the clouds and drizzle it was worth every minute.  We snapped photos of the skyline, the Manhattan bridge, and the Statue of Liberty and chatted and laughed.
 We also snagged dinner at Katz's and it was far too little time, but precious all the same.
On Sunday, the rain did not give up so I stuck near the hotel and then when it cleared (at least the rain, if not the clouds) I went down to the Staten Island Ferry.  It's a free trip across the water....and back (you do have to get off one ferry and hop on the other at the opposite end of about a thirty minute ride), BUT it takes you right past the Statue of Liberty and you get a great view of the skyline.
 Monday morning I got up to sunny skies and cooler weather (of course, this is insurance that I'll be back b/c I know how beautiful it can be with that sun....though I already knew that rain or shine I love New York).  I decided to catch the subway to 81st and walk to Levain Bakery (and Central Park).  I had read about the hour(s) long line and the divine cookies.
 There was a short line when I arrive (maybe ten minutes), so I got the culinary experience without the wait.  They have humongous cookies that are really good.  I can tell they use only the best,'s a little less sweet that I'm used to-it was a good cookie, and what impressed me most were how sweet all the employees were.  I'd go again, but...I probably wouldn't wait two hours.
I said hello and goodbye to the park and New York after a brief weekend.  I'm sure I'll be would be too heart breaking to think of any alternative to that situation.

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