Airplane Mobile

Friday, January 13, 2017
I made a mobile for a friend last spring.  She saw one online and I was able to make it for a fraction of the cost.  When I was putting together a travel themed nursery a few months back I knew I was going to make a mobile...because it's so much cheaper than buying one!  I'll share the whole nursery in a few weeks, is one of the last pieces I made.  I bought a box of little airplanes via Amazon.  I took a small drill bit and started a hole in the top of the planes that matched the colors (sort of) of the room-blues, greens, and whites.  I thought about spraying them to match the colors exactly, but I really liked the details of the planes!
 Once I had the holes started I put these little screws in the top and used a tool to twist them down into the wood so I could hang them.
 I used an embroidery hoop to hang them from.  I sprayed it white and drilled four holes and some jewelry string to hang it all together along with a small white hoop (also from the jewelry/leather section) from the craft store.  I used some super glue where I tied all the clear strings so they would not come undone.

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