Crib Skirt

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
 I made this bed skirt for a nursery, and the cost was under fifteen.  I'm not sure of the exact amount b/c some of the fabric was from other projects.  I originally was going to go with ruffles,'s for a boy, so....I just gave him a little row of polka dots....and left the rest solid.  I didn't want to receive therapy bills later, I'm a teacher.  Anyway, I asked his mama for the dimension of the bed (52 by 29) and I cut the white piece of fabric to that size.  The drop from the mattress to the floor was 17 inches so I cut about 5 inches of the polka dot and 13 inches of the blue.  Sewing them together I ate up half an inch attaching to the white, and the other half inch attaching the polka dot to the navy so that it would hit at the right length.
I left the backside without any fabric b/c it's against the wall.  The whole bedroom shebang coming shortly.

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