Floating Art Work

Monday, January 09, 2017

I've been blogging the details of a nursery I put together a few months back.  The whole shebang is coming soon...promise.  I wanted to blog some of the details first.  The theme was lightly a travel theme, with the colors navy, mint, and gray being the overall picture.  If that makes sense.  Jessica and her husband travel a lot, and this little baby has even traveled to Europe in the first few months of his existence (via Mom).  Most of the artwork for the wall I made, but this was the one piece I bought because I really loved it.  It was 24 dollars from Etsy, and I was able to customize the colors I wanted.  To save on the rest of it, I decided to grab a picture frame at goodwill for two dollars.  
 This is the original frame.  It had  floral print.  I used some navy spray paint to give it new life.  There was a problem though...it turns out it was a 12x15 and not an 11x14.  I went back and forth with what to do, and I decided to float the art work in the middle.  Usually when I float I put a second piece a glass behind it, but again, I was trying to save money, so.....I used some transparent tape on each corner and decided it wasn't that noticeable.  Trust me, I'd be the first person bothered by this (I tried all different mats etc and just didn't like it).
I used some hot glue to run along the edge of the glass so that it remained in place.  Room coming soon...

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