Vintage Valentine's Cookies

Friday, January 27, 2017
 I've wanted to try rice paper pictures forever.  I ordered these off of Etsy.  I just searching for rice paper Valentine's and there were several companies to choose between.  Make sure you check the size b/c there were some more affordable ones....because they are the size of a postage stamp.  I found these which are about 2x3.  It came as a set of 8.
 I cut out cookie dought rectangles using a knife (because I was too lazy to hunt through cookie cutters).  I used this recipe.  It's my favorite because it doesn't spread much while you bake!  I just used canned icing.  I added about 2 T of karo syrup to make it harden some.  I applied some to the cookie with a knife and just pressed the rice paper picture on top.
 I pressed down the sides because they wanted to curl up a little, but by pressing them into the icing, this helped them stay flat after they dried.
 To make my life easy, I used red decorator's piping icing.  I squeezed it out of the tube and added about 1/4 c powdered sugar to make it a little thicker and some karo syrup (1 T per c. helps icing harden as it dries so it can be bagged).  I put the icing in a ziplock, snipped the edge and then just did a little texture around the edge to give it a frame.
 I kind of love how they turned out, and it really was a super easy project.  I'll definitely be trying these for future holidays!
You can actually print your own rice paper pictures, but you really should buy a edible ink and use a printer that you just print icing sheets with...which would be fun, but after reading about it, if you don't use it all the time it clogs easily, so...I just bought it from someone else who will have to worry about clogs!  

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