Rolodex Scrapbook Album

Friday, June 02, 2017
 This year I'm making albums for my friends for upcoming birthdays and holidays.  I'm concerned that people don't print pictures anymore and they will last about as long as myspace did once upon a time, so I'm trying to encourage people to start printing them.  This album I put together for a friend and I used a funky little Rolodex container I found at a thrift store.  It can either be a fun way to create a combination of journals from special events through they year/years....or even pictures from a trip or multiple trips.
 I bought a pad of scrapbook paper that had some stickers inside and some really cute paper.  If my friend were a pad of paper-this would be here.  I also grabbed some cute Fiskers stamps, random arrow clips, washi tape and a few other doodads to embellish the scrapbook.
 I pulled out the tabs and traced them onto the scrapbook paper.
 I cut it out and then glued it down to the tabs.
 I arranged them and then added embellishments.
 I added things like this embossed label....
 Small flowers stickers, ribbons etc.  I didn't want it to be too thick since my hope is my friend will continue to add pictures.  I also didn't cover every single page, again, I wanted to leave room for journaling or scrapping.
Some pages just had stamps.  At the end, I super glued flowers and some ribbons to the cover and now it's ready to be wrapped and delivered.

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