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Wednesday, June 14, 2017
Last fall I FINALLY put together a craft room.  Up until that point I had a craft HOUSE and even though I'm really good about finishing most projects I plan....I do plan a I uncovered some things I never crafted included some wooden letters.  
I got these at Hobby Lobby and I'm sure it was a week they were 30 percent off (so-70 cents for each two).  
I just gave them a quick coat of acrylic paint, and then I glued these on to some red twine (I took some scraps of fabric to sandwich the twine with so that it makes them hold to the string a little stronger.  I also added some stars I made with my embroidery machine, but you could cut out sparkle foam, and then I tied on some ribbons (I saw something similar on Etsy).  The star ribbon I actually bought at the dollar tree last summer, so.....another something I was able to use in my stash of stuff!

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