December Daily: The Reason Why

Friday, October 06, 2017
This year I'm planning on participating in December Daily.  I'm trying to set up a few pages in advance b/c based on my calendar already it's going to be a busy December.  I'm going to try to keep up, but it's easy to say now.  Last week I made a calendar for my album, and this week I finished my reason why.  
The gist behind this page is that you set a purpose or a reason why (novel, I know) behind why you want to scrapbook December on a daily basis.  I'm not doing a traditional 12x12.  I'm trying out the 6x8 form with pockets and cards so that scrapbook will be a lot easier day to day.  I've also been posting my haul videos here.  I am pretty sure I'm set to do December Daily for the next 14 years, but never know when the scrapbook stores are going to have a drought. 

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