Bible Journal Walk Through Link

Friday, July 20, 2018
I head to GMT today to talk about bibles.  I won't have time to walk through my journal on air, but I did a quick walk through here, with several more videos that are much more specific also on the channel.
I'll post the segment later on facebook.
A few follow up tips:  
-A great site for ordering stuff online is  They have a super cute print and pray shop you can also order from.  I buy full size mailing labels, print the sheets of on these and then cut them out and stick them down to my bible.  I really like the clear ones b/c you can still read the words through the pictures.
-They have also started selling some of their products at Michael's and Hobby Lobby in the scrapbooking section, which means you can use your coupons!  They also occasionally go on sale!
-Some online sites with adorable printable pages you can put under the pages of your bible/trace and color can be found here.
-This site has a bunch of really cute doodle how to's that take you step by step.
-AND here and here are a few older videos with some 'how to's' on bible journaling start/details.
-AND here is a blogpost about using napkins as bible decorations.
I'm going to commit to doing more and posting more because it's one of my favorite crafts right now.  One of my goals is to journal every chapter in the bible (not this year, but.....I'm working on it...).

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