Soda Shop Party

Saturday, July 21, 2018
I forgot to share this little party I helped throw a few months back.  Every summer (for the last 9 years) a group of friends and I go to a retreat house we rent out for 4 days.  One of the gals was turning the young age of 70 this year on our first day of the retreat.  
 She likes old soda shops, so we put together a little lunch to greet her when she came.  I found this old drink crate (apparently Frostie was a drink in the 40's)-we had coke floats, and then used the little paper boats (from Party City) to serve up frito pie (all those ingredients were in the kitchen.  I also made shirts for each of the ladies to wear so that when Louise showed up, we were all there to great her without any doubt to our willingness to party.
This is most of the group at dinner in the evening.  Simple and fun.

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