Freeze Ahead Breakfast Tacos

Tuesday, September 04, 2018
 I'm still working through the ingredients in my freezer I need to get rid of so I can refill it in hopes of all those snow days this year will bring.  Next up were these roasted potatoes from Trader Joes.
 This is not an ad, it's just an attempt to make space.  I cooked up the potatoes according to the package, and then I layered them with cheese and eggs inside tortillas.  It's important that you layer it cheese, then eggs, then potatoes.  This keeps the tortilla from getting to soggy.  In addition, let both the eggs and potatoes cool for about 10 minutes before you fill them up so they don't steam up the tortillas and make them ultimately soggy.
I rolled them up and tucked in the sides.  I wrapped each in foil and froze them and then I can pull them out one at a time to heat them up in the microwave.  I always eat mine with salsa because it was a condition in my Texas birth certificate, but....easy and filling breakfast are ready to roll this week.  I used half a package of potatoes, 5 eggs (cooked with a little milk), and about half a cup of cheese, along with 7 tortillas.  So, if you had a full package double that.  Basically, you do you (whatever that means), but it's a simple breakfast for using up eggs that are about to expire etc.

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