Creepy Spell Books

Saturday, October 13, 2018

I saw this idea last year via Heidi Swapp.  I'm taking a couple of Halloween craft ideas to GMT on Monday, so I decided to bring this one along.  I'll post the video on facebook later, but here is a picture tutorial.

First, I got some clearance hardback books at Half Price Books.  They also sell them at the Dollar Tree.  I glued down some foam letters (they sell these at the Dollar Tree as well as craft stores).  I spelled out a few Halloweenish book words.

Next, I hot glued down some plastic creatures from the Dollar Tree.  I also cut some pieces of cardboard at an angle and pinned in some thumb tacks to the skeleton book.

Next up, I mixed some glue and water (you could also use Mod Podge).  I took paper towel squares and dragged them through the glue and then laid them on top of each book.  I pressed them down around the pieces glued to the top.  Once it dried, I repeated this to the back side as well.  The paper wrinkled a little as it dried, but this gave it more of a true old potion book feel.

I gave them a coat of black spray paint.  

Once that dried I took some gold paint and a paper towel and rubbed it and smudged it along the pieces dried below the towel.

It really helped the details pop out.  It was an easy project, and it will make a great place to prop up pumpkins and other décor for Halloween.

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Unknown said...

Love these...they look awesome! I love that you use affordable items for your crafts (dollar tree,Walmart, etc.