Teaching Tuesday: Spooktacular Stories Day

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
I might do this on the regular....or this might be the only post ever.  When I'm not crafting or traveling, I teach.  My LOVE is lesson planning.  I'm a reading specialist, so I do a lot of school wide activities and test prep fun.    I love creating themed lessons.  Yes, I know there is a place to make/buy/sell lessons, but right now I'm not there.  I've been blessed with an outlet to make money (a very little bit) via ads on a place where I can give stuff away.  So.....maybe I'll get my act together and share the actual plans with TEKS and Objectives), or maybe I won't, but here is something I planned for my school on Halloween.
We have some families that do not celebrate holidays, so I was hoping by picking spooky stories this year (with one exception) we could do some school wide activities.
BOOK ONE:  I pulled Hallo-Wiener and provided some reader's theaters (just google it, there are a ton you can print for free), big letters that spell out Halloween to use to make words, and a sequencing activity (also found free via a google searching.  PTA also generously donated some flashlights to be able to do some dark reading.  I found a reader's theater about the history of spiders for the classes who would not be able to use this book.
(Bring on all the drama TEKS.)
BOOK TWO:  Creepy Pair of Underwear  Seriously, who doesn't love underwear?  We are actually doing this one last.  The gist is this bunny thinks he's brave enough to wear these creepy underwear, but decides the glowing is too spooky and he can't sleep....so he spends the rest of the book trying to get rid of the underwear, but they keep coming back (he even sends them to China and they come back in a package).  At the end of the story, he embraces them and they are hanging all over his room.  Each kid is going to get glow in the dark bracelets to take with them that day (and trick or treating).  There is a post card for them to write on and show what adventures they think the underwear went on next.  BUT THE BEST PART...I copied and blew up a picture of the underwear and made 500 copies.  The PTA helped me cut them out, and some parents are volunteering to come up and COVER the walls with them.  I'm going to have every teacher read it at the same time with a subtle message on the intercom and then we are coving the halls, so when the kids leave they are going to leave with 500 pairs of underwear all over the walls.  Here is the postcard printable.
Postcard Printable
(Great for letter writing, writing in sentences, predictions, inferencing etc).
BOOK THREE:  I Need My Monster  Seriously, the CUTEST book ever. And I found this youtube video and almost died.  This little kid is really put out b/c they want a scary monster and he/she keeps getting sent duds that aren't scary.  The PTA got glow in the dark monster fingers for each kid, and I made a handout with four monster pictures and I'm asking the students to create an ad to try to sell their monster via flipgrid.  (Great for adding descriptions to your writing.)
Monster Printable

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