Pioneer Woman Pecan Pie

Sunday, November 25, 2018
     My Thanksgiving break is winding down, and I did absolutely nothing productive on my to do list.  My cousin and his kids were in town, which I love b/c holidays are more fun with kiddos.  The leaves are absolutely perfect right now, and on Thanksgiving I looked out and it literally looked like it was raining leaves all afternoon.  In fact, catch that action shot in this pie picture.
     I also started a new thing, I decided I was going to bake my way through an entire cookbook.  I picked the Holiday Cookbook by the Pioneer Woman.  I also am NOT setting a crazy time line.  If it takes me ten years, that's fine, but anytime I have an event, or holiday, I'm going to look there first.  I made a copy of the index and I'm crossing off the dishes as I try them.  The ONLY exception is I just don't eat seafood, so I'm not going to make myself try those (few) dishes, but I might try to adapt them to chicken.  I'll cross that cookbook bridge when I come to it.
    The first dish, this pie, and oh my, oh my, it was a good pick.  I have tried a LOT of pecan pies because A)  Pecan Pies are delicious and B)  Pecans are kind of a big deal in Texas.  I've tried a lot from various food network stars, but I can say I have truly found 'the' pecan pie I'll be making from here on out forever and ever amen.  Here is the recipe I used.  And now....I'm off to cram a weeks worth of a to do list into the next hour....

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