Portable Fairy Garden

Thursday, March 21, 2019 No comments
A few years ago I brought all the fixings to help my goddaughter build a fairy garden when I went to visit her.  She has since moved several times, and it got me to thinking about those fairy gardens and how cute they are in the summer, but winter comes, and moves come, and when I ran across the idea of creating little 'houses' out of pots at craftsunleashed, I loved this idea b/c they store well in the winter and can even travel with you.  It would also be fun to create a 'theme' out of each pot until you have a little town.  
 I bought most of the 'stuff' at Michael's, but I found some plastic flowers (more weather proof), a small door, and some self adhesive moss at Hobby Lobby.  I'm an equal opportunity crafter.
 The door actually had a tooth on it, so I glued a pink flower over the tooth.  I then glued pebbles and flowers around the door, and stuck moss between the rocks.
I added some pink rocks and a fairy to the trivet below and it's ready for planting....and magic.

Teaching Tuesday: Egg Word Families

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 No comments
Here's a simple center for those left over eggs.  Make word families.  I just used permanent marker and added the family to one side (-op, -it, -ot, -ap, -et) and then added the letters to the other side students can spin to make words.  They can make words and write them down, and you could even slip a little answer key inside with all the words they should make and a QR code of you recording yourself saying the words.

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock

Thursday, March 14, 2019 No comments
I have been obsessing over all the pink/brown/orange/cream things going around the net these days.  So, I had an extra Shamrock from a GMT segment and decided to use up some of the 'ends' of yarn I keep in storage for projects just like this.  
Joann's had several different options for shamrocks, some unfinished, and this chalkboard shamrock, but the point is, I just needed the shape.
 I was using six different yarns, and the board is 12 inches tall, so I measured and drew off 2 inch lines using a silver sharpie.
 I glued some yarn around the bottom since it would be hard to wrap it around this area.
 Then I started wrapping.  I added a little glue as I went to keep the yarn in place.
 For the weird edges, I laid piece of yarn down and glued it flat, then wrapped and glued it around the edge.
I started at the top of the next line for each color and worked my way down just to keep things even.  
 In progress.
 Again, as I reached weird edge, I'd start there and wrap and glue, and then cover that up as I continued to wrap.  The bag doesn't look as good as the front.  If I were hanging this on my door, I'd cover the back with one piece of fabric, but this is going flush against a wall, so I didn't worry about that for this project.
Overall, I'm pleased with how it turned out and want to add some bunting etc.

St Patrick's Day Bubble Gum Necklace

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 No comments
I did a little something like this a few years ago for Valentine's Day and busted it out again for St Patrick's Day.  An edible rainbow necklace to celebrate all things Irish.  
 I love to explore the candy bins at Party City.  You can pick your own colors/candies and they are 10 or 15 pieces per dollars, so you don't have to buy a bunch of packages of one colored gum to make just a few necklaces.  This is not an add, just a tip if you haven't discovered this section.  I use it a lot of parties too when I want to use candy on tables for parties (instead of confetti).
To make a hole to string my gum I used a scrapbook pocker, but in the past I have used push pins and nails to do the trick as well, or a nice sharp skewer will do the trick.  Basically, something sharp, but not too thick or it will crack the gum.
I threaded a needle with some thin ribbon and pushed the ribbon through the holes.  I also tied a knot between each piece.  
 Ready to wear, but more importantly, ready to wear.  I think I'll make some Oreo cookie necklaces to take with me to work on Monday.

St Patrick's Day Wreath

Sunday, March 10, 2019 No comments
I'm working on a few super easy St Patrick's Day crafts.   I'll post the video tomorrow on Facebook. I've seen a lot of door decorations covered in moss, and discovered sheets of self adhesive moss recently at the craft store (I've found it at both Joann and Hobby Lobby-use a coupon).  I also grabbed this unfinished shamrock at Joann.  They also had some chalkboard shamrocks I bought as well.  Basically, I just wanted the shape.  
 I painted the edges green, and then I just started tracking out the shamrock shape on the back of the moss.
 Peel and stick.
 I did it in sections to control it a bit as it stuck down.
 I sprayed a letter gold and added a bow and it's ready to welcome guest.

Carrot Surprise

Thursday, March 07, 2019 No comments
 I know, I know....Easter is still almost 40 days away, but I always plan early!  This year I made these carrot surprise toys.  Have you seen surprise balls?  Basically, it's crepe paper (sometimes) in the shape of a ball and as you unroll the ball, little prizes fall out.  I've started seeing really cute shapes for the different holidays, and this year I decided I was going to make some carrot shaped surprises for some of my favorite beings under 4 feet to enjoy via the mail.
 I'll start with the end, I filled boxes with crinkle paper and put in surprise carrots for each of the kiddos at the house holds these were being shipped to.  These three carrots are going to my godson and his siblings.
 I tossed in some bunny ears for the little bunny in the bunch.  I'm sealing the boxes and shipping them out as soon as St Patrick's Day has come and gone.
 I bought some fun little toys at Oriental Trading/Party City, along with crepe paper streamers.  I ended up using a full orange on 4 carrots.  For the innards, the different party suppliers usually have free shipping every month or so, so I generally wait until I see that and order some little supplies.
 I started my carrots by wrapping up the pencils with crepe paper.  Once it was covered, I started adding in some of the other goodies (egg shaped cards in this photo).
 I would wrap a few layers, and then add another toy at various points, trying to keep the shape of the carrot in mind.

 I didn't use any glue, I just pressed them down and wrapped....and wrapped....and wrapped.
 I also found some little felt stickers I bought last year at the Target Dollar Spot.
 When I finally had all the prizes in the carrot, I cut some smaller strips of green, pressed them about halfway down the carrot and then just wrapped those in place.
 To 'end' the carrots once you have the shape you like, you can just tuck in the end of the crepe paper, or add a glue dot.
I thought about pressing a little stickers on each to tell them to unwrap the carrot, but I decided on a little card instead since these were being mailed.

King Cake

Monday, March 04, 2019 No comments
 I made my first King Cake tonight (two actually, because that's how many the recipe made, though they are probably equal to one large grocery store cake).  I used this recipe from all recipe.  The only adjustments I made was that I doubled the icing recipe to cover both cakes, and I skipped the raisins and did a little over a cup of chopped pecans instead.
 It's freezing, so my rise wasn't quite what I wanted, but check out that filling peeking out!
 For the sake of a photo, I cut one in two so I could see the inside.  I may or may not have already had a slice.
The rest is traveling with work with me tomorrow to pass out.  No beads.  No babies.  Maybe next year!

Chicken Tortilla Wraps

Thursday, February 28, 2019 No comments
I've been trying to break up the hum drum of lunches this year, so....I went to pinterest (this one is from a site called The Yummiest Foods).  I did NOT take a picture of this in the process b/c I've had a lot of fails, so I wasn't sure what I'd think, but this one was really yummy, so any picture is better than no picture so I don't forget b/c it's definitely going to be something I bring out again.  So, since this is first and foremost where I store ideas and recipes I like...
Dear Me,
You liked this recipe.  Make it again when lunch is getting boring and you are looking for inspiration.

Ingredients:  3 c. chicken (baked or boiled with a little seasoning-shredded), 3/4 c. celery, 1/4 c. dried cranberries, 1/2 c. mayo, salt and pepper to taste, 1/2 c. pecans, 4-6 flour tortillas.
Instructions:  Mix all the ingredients together after your chicken is cooked.  Chill.  Wrapped chilled ingredients evenly in tortillas.

Teaching Tuesday: 100th Day of School Overview

Tuesday, February 26, 2019 No comments
 In no particular order, I finally pulled some photos off my phone for 100th Day.  I posted some of the details in previous post, but my approach this year was to create a 'museum' in my room  where students got to explore what life was like 100 years ago.
 I had a station where I found youtube videos of how breakfast, lunch, and dinner has changed over the last 100 years the students could scan and watch.  Each student also got to eat an Oreo (born MORE than 100 years ago) and I printed out what advertisements looked like for some of the foods we still have today (Jello, Corn Flakes etc).
 I had a station for politics and current happenings and found some videos about the President (Woodrow Wilson), women's right to vote (passed this year), and a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon (officially made a National Park in 1919.
 I had another station for fashion where students could watch the fashion and hair styles for women and men change over 100 years.
 I created a nearpod they could tour to look at what school was like 100 years ago.
There was also a station for daily life that included this like how to play jacks and marbles, and had some toys and inventions from 100 years ago (what the telephone looked like, cars, planes etc).
 And I had a station where Charley Chaplin scenes were playing and students could scan a QR to find out about Silent Films, famous stars, and listen to music from this year.
Teachers signed up and brought there students at their allotted times.  I borrowed some 6th graders to be docents for the tour.
 I also placed some baskets in the hallway with cups and yarn for students to measure and build things, along with posters to write things like-100 books we've read, 100 words we can spell etc.
 Each student was given a bag with a bookmark, pencil, classroom ideas, and a Blowpop along with a Science experiment (100 licks to the center-there weren't enough Tootsie Pops at the store, so we had to go with Blow Pops)
 Perhaps most importantly, we made Jello/Oreo Pudding Cups for the teachers to enjoy while their students browsed because....snacks are important no matter what the year!
I've already got (different) plans for next year.....Roaring 20's style, but first....I have the other 80 some odd days to survive until summer!