Friendsgiving and All Things Food at Work

Tuesday, November 26, 2019
 I'm a part of one of the leadership teams at work, and one of my favorite things is to come up with fun treats for the staff.  I try NOT to do the same things over and over b/c.....that's dull, and if you don't do whatever it is every year, you disappoint people, BUT if you do different things at different's always fun.  There is one exception I've made the last few years....the pie cart.  I think this is her 3rd or 4th round.  Basically, each person from the team brings two pies, and we roll it around the building and let teachers pick their slice of pie.  Nobody complains.  This year I added a basket of apples and caramel/peanut butter b/c of some dietary restrictions.
 Another work tradition I started at least five years ago was a Friendsgiving meal after our school's Turkey Trot.  About 15 of us spend our entire day outside with no real breaks until 2 pm.  We are in charge of watching students run around the school during their specials.  After wards, I started inviting the folks helping back to my room to share a meal.  This year, our Turkey Trot got rained out, so it will be a Jingle Bell Run, BUT....I didn't cancel the meal.
I tried out PioneerWomans Sweet Potato Casserole.  There is a reason that lady has a cookbook (or 4)!  I even had some troubles b/c I wasn't able to bake my sweet potatoes long enough before cutting them up (I was supposed to mash them, but had to leave for an event when I was making them and mistimed the baking), but after cooking a second time under the crust, it was still delicious.  It's probably my favorite sweet potato recipe to date.

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