White Wreath

Friday, November 29, 2019
I'm headed to GMT on Monday with some simple wreath ideas.  I'm trying to pull out some simple ideas. I saw this idea originally on pinterest.  Wreaths are one of the rare crafts where you can almost always save a ton of money b/c even at a discount, they cost a lot more than their parts.  This wreath cost me 9 dollars to make total, and it was really simple.
 I bought some loopy yarn (it was an 18 yard skein and it was enough to cover my wreath with some left over-$5 on sale).  I bought a foam wreath at the dollar store, and some bottle brush trees at Joann.  Everything was on sale.
 I tied it to the foam wreath, but you could also use push pins or straight pins to hold it in place.  Then I just wrapped around....and around...and around and tied it off at the end too.
Last up I glued on my bottle brush trees.  And....it's ready.  It looks like a little snowy field with trees.

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