Christmas Card Album

Monday, January 21, 2019
 A fear I have with the digital world is that so much of our personal history is going to be lost.  I have learned so much through photos I've found of family members from long ago, and letters they exchanged and kept.  With the digital world of texting and phone photos not being printed, I think there are going to be some pretty major chunks missing and not captured despite the fact that you live forever on the internet, who is to say the internet will live forever in it's current form.  So, I save letters.  In particular, Christmas cards have been a collection I picked up four years ago. I started b/c my friend told me how she kept hers in a box next to a chair and she picked one up each day and prayed for that person.  I decided to bind mine and keep them in a book.  I recently saw a friend who did the same and placed her family photo on top, which was adorable
Here is this year's collection.  I decorated two pieces of cardboard for a front and back cover, added a few decorations and then punched two holes in each card, letter, and photo that arrived in my box this December.

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