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Sunday, February 17, 2019
 It has been a busy last few months. Most recently, I've been taking a course so that I can get my ESL certification (test results pending-I took it on Saturday and it was so much harder than I thought it would be).  I've also been doing a lot of traveling, some of which I never got around to blogging about.  BUT, here's a spring summer update.  Right now, I've been collecting things for a bathroom redo.  I found the (above) fun enamel towel/soap holder on Ebay awhile back.
 I'm doing an eclectic vintage French theme in my guest bath, but I'm doing it piece by piece (or rather, paycheck by paycheck) and while I'm saving up for the big things (sink/tub/tiles/faucets), I've been collecting some of the fun things.  I also found the (above) vintage dictionary page from the French 'swimming' page with some quirky pictures.  This weekend I finally picked up a floating frame to house it.
There is a lot of black and white, but I'm also trying to throw in some gold/molding.  I have found some fun silhouette frames, and vintage magazine page samplers, fun vintage cream containers etc.  The (above) is just a small sampling).  I've also bought some fabric samplers, vintage flashcards, buttons etc.  It'll be a process than probably goes through the summer b/c I'm determined to stay out of debt in the process, and I have some other priorities first.
I have a ton of parties and adventures filling the next few months and I'll (hopefully) get to stash my study books, and get some blogging done!

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