Teaching Tuesday: 100th Day of School Overview

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
 In no particular order, I finally pulled some photos off my phone for 100th Day.  I posted some of the details in previous post, but my approach this year was to create a 'museum' in my room  where students got to explore what life was like 100 years ago.
 I had a station where I found youtube videos of how breakfast, lunch, and dinner has changed over the last 100 years the students could scan and watch.  Each student also got to eat an Oreo (born MORE than 100 years ago) and I printed out what advertisements looked like for some of the foods we still have today (Jello, Corn Flakes etc).
 I had a station for politics and current happenings and found some videos about the President (Woodrow Wilson), women's right to vote (passed this year), and a virtual tour of the Grand Canyon (officially made a National Park in 1919.
 I had another station for fashion where students could watch the fashion and hair styles for women and men change over 100 years.
 I created a nearpod they could tour to look at what school was like 100 years ago.
There was also a station for daily life that included this like how to play jacks and marbles, and had some toys and inventions from 100 years ago (what the telephone looked like, cars, planes etc).
 And I had a station where Charley Chaplin scenes were playing and students could scan a QR to find out about Silent Films, famous stars, and listen to music from this year.
Teachers signed up and brought there students at their allotted times.  I borrowed some 6th graders to be docents for the tour.
 I also placed some baskets in the hallway with cups and yarn for students to measure and build things, along with posters to write things like-100 books we've read, 100 words we can spell etc.
 Each student was given a bag with a bookmark, pencil, classroom ideas, and a Blowpop along with a Science experiment (100 licks to the center-there weren't enough Tootsie Pops at the store, so we had to go with Blow Pops)
 Perhaps most importantly, we made Jello/Oreo Pudding Cups for the teachers to enjoy while their students browsed because....snacks are important no matter what the year!
I've already got (different) plans for next year.....Roaring 20's style, but first....I have the other 80 some odd days to survive until summer!

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