Brunch Basket

Wednesday, April 03, 2019
My pal Kelly loves brunch.  She had a tough year last year and I wanted to do a little something to acknowledge Easter as an adult, so I put together this basket for her with a 'brunch theme.'  I found the bacon and egg plastic eggs via Oriental trading, and the chick piñata at the 99 Cent Store.  I grabbed some egg shaped gummies at World Market, and a little can of Mimosa.  I started to get Champagne and Orange Juice, but....decided the can was cute.  I also grabbed pancake mix, granola, marmalade, and maple syrup and some traditional Easter chocolates etc.  So....useful and fun.  I TRY to do Easter basket type things for friends each year, but my wish and my time don't always connect, point for me last year.  We will see what I can work up this year!

1 comment

Kelly said...

I loved it soooo much. That waffle mix was amaze....and so are you!!

By the way, your new blog design rocks!! <3