Ready to Pop Shower

Thursday, March 28, 2019

 Working in an elementary school, we host a lot of showers for the staff, but this year is a new record.  We have teachers pregnant, 4 of whom are due within a month or so of each other.  It's also spring, and testing season, which means a lot of after school meetings, as well as a wedding shower to throw, so we combined some of the mom's in a shower for all with a 'pop' theme.  We've done it many different ways (we each bring a dish, go to a restaurant and order appetizers etc), but this time just a few of us purchased the items and we divided it up.
 We have 3 girls and 1 boy represented at this shower, so we just went with a pastel theme and each mom got her own color assigned in a spot in the room.  We ordered cupcakes from Sams and added some blow pops.
 We also picked up some soda pop.
 I made a little tangle of balloons to go behind the food table, and another gal made a banner for the table, and then one for each mom.
 I bought some white buckets at the Dollar Tree, and a have a friend who owns a popcorn shop who delivered the popcorn.  If you life in the Dallas/Collin/Denton/Fort Worth Area it's called Grandpa's Popcorn.  It was delicious and he delivers/will set up.  I don't get anything for saying that, but.....a good company is a good company is a good company and it made life soooooooo much easier.  I ordered Jalapeno Ranch, Zebra, Caramel, Cheddar, and Regular.
 We put some dots on the staff tables, and balloons attached to our hostess gift for each mom.
 My favorite sign in is always a book.  Each mama got a book that the staff all signed to take home to their baby.
 Sometimes we buy a hostess gift, but this time we got baskets and each hostess brought an item for the basket so we didn't have to worry about splitting the cost (bibs, lotions, shoes, toys etc).
It was a really easy way to host a staff by and for a large group of folks.  And.....another one is in the books.

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