Hanging Hand Mirrors

Thursday, March 28, 2019
 I'll get better pictures soon, but here's a little bathroom update.  I'm still waiting to purchase the bigger things (sink, floors, tub).  It's really hard to be responsible.  I've found a lot of the decorations though, including a small collection of hand mirrors.  It's really tempting to go buy a couple more, but I'm trying to give myself room to grow.
I wanted to hang these mirrors without doing any damage, and I decided to use the smallest plate hangers I could find which seem to be working perfect.
One mirror fit snug and hung without any rigging.  

BUT, this mirror was too small and the springs made it sort of flop a little from the wall (very technical terms, I know).  SO, I tied up the springs into place at the bottom using dental floss.  (Sticking with the theme there).  And it worked perfect.  

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