Faux Weaving Wall Hanging

Thursday, July 11, 2019
About a year ago, I saw a 'faux weaving' craft via TheEverCo and it's been on my to do list for awhile.  I adjusted just a few things b/c I decided to make this a door hanging for my spring door, BUT the gist in the same.  
First, I grabbed a bunch of yarn at a thrift store.  They usually have these for just pennies b/c they are typically old yarn and not full skeins, which worked fine for me!
I took a foam board from the dollar store and cut it down to the size rectangle I wanted (in half) and I wrapped the top half with the textured white yarn.  Nothing fancy, just glued a few pieces down and then wrapped, wrapped, wrapped.
For the bottom half I made tassels and pompoms.  For the tassels I took a spiral notebook and wrapped it around about 20 times.
 I pulled it off, and folded it in half.
 I tied it a few times at the top, but it didn't have to be perfect b/c this part will be covered up.
 Then I snipped the bottom loops and evened them out.
 I glued these side by side to the bottom half off the board.
 And overlapped the second (and third) row just enough to cover the tops.
 Once I had the tassels glued down, I did covered the side of the board with the white yard as well so the raw edge wasn't showing.
 Next up, I made some pom poms.  I wrapped these about 100 times around my hand, tied it in the middle....
 ...then I snipped both sides and (again) evened them up.
 Then I glued these down as well.
Instead of the metal pole from the original post, I used a dowel rod from the craft store I cut down and just sprayed it, and then I found a metal 'hello' at Joann and sprayed and glued it down too.  


Kelly said...

This is so awesome!! 😍😍😍

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