Mermaid Cups

Monday, July 08, 2019
       I have had an exhausting, but fun summer.  I'm more than halfway to 'going back to work.'  So, I've been trying to get some projects completed in between a ton of travel.  This September I'm hosting several birthday parties, and one is at a beach house, so I'm making a few little projects, including these mermaid tail water bottles.
     I found these bottles at the 99 Cent Only Store, they go so perfect with this shiny vinyl, and I also found a mermaid tail piñata at the same store ($4 for that guy, but the cups were 99 Cents each).  I put each gals initial on one side and a tail on the other and I have little blue bags I'm going to fill with a few beach essentials....which I still have to figure out.  Lot's more to come on that and so many other projects, outings, trips, parties, and adventures!
     If you are a Cricut user, you may already know this, BUT if you don't, if you google whatever image you want and put the word 'free svg' there are so many things you can download without having to buy the files.  In this case I downloaded "mermaid tail free svg."  There are also some sites that will transform a jpeg to a svg for free, you just have to make sure it's for personal use so the copy right folks won't come after you!

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