Harry Potter Sorting Cupcakes

Thursday, July 25, 2019
 These cupcakes were homemade with love by Blythe.  My cousins (not so little) gal came into town this week and she is obsessed with baking and Harry Potter.  She decided she wanted to make each family member (3) cakes that have bdays in these next few weeks.  She made me an adorable 'pool' cake complete with her LOL dolls swimming and a graham cracker diving board....and fish sprinkles, and then I spent one morning with her crafting and helping her make these cupcakes for my cousin, Holly, who also loves Harry potter.
 Blythe baked the cupcakes with my aunt, and then I swung by and helped her cut a small cone out of the top of each cupcake.
 I dyed some white vanilla icing red, blue, green, and yellow to represent each house in Harry potter and snipped the tip off ziplock bags and she filled the cupcake holes.
 We capped them back (you could cut off part of the cone, but there wasn't much of a bump when we added the hat).
 She iced them...
I melted some white chocolate (in a ziplock again, and snipped the edge) and she 'glued' a kiss to an oreo and then placed each on the cupcake.
 We went swimming the next day and each of us bit into our cupcake to discover which house the sorting hat sorted us into.  I got Gryffindor.  She also left some of them with chocolate innards-those were muggles.
I originally saw the idea online, and it was a cupcake she loved putting together, though some people refuse to accept their house assignment.....look, the hat knows....

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