Shark Party

Tuesday, July 23, 2019
 Next to the Olympics, I think I probably look forward to Shark Week more than any other 'TV' time of the year.  So, when I found out my cousin's kiddos were coming this week (the week BEFORE shark week) I decided to put together a Shark Themed picnic for one of our days at the pool.  I found these two packs of blue buckets at the dollar store to pack individual lunches (because tables can be difficult to grab at the pool, so if we ended up on the ground, I thought we'd be able to better eat from these.
 I found little shark cups I personalized online, and shark napkins via Amazon.  To make serving easier, I just made 'tags' for each food.  Bugles=Shark Teeth, Grapes=Fish Eggs, Sandwiches cut like 'fins.'
 I also made some blue jello, I found these lidded cups at a store near me, and gummies at Sprouts (thought they also sell them online).  I put a few in the jello, and some whipped topping and another shark on top.
 I used some ocean washi to attach a spoon.
Sunburns and memories were made.

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