Thrifting 101

Thursday, November 21, 2019
Maybe I should say, the remedial course for thrifting, but....I got this crock bowl for less than 4 dollars.  I want to say it was somewhere in the two dollar range.  It was on the top of a rack with a bunch of sparkly skirts.  It was out of place, and therefore...overlooked.  I've learned a few things over the last few years, and in case I hit my head tomorrow, here are few things that have really helped me out.
1.  I've found the less put together the thrift store, the better the deals.  The same goes for antique malls-if there are booths of 'new' items-flea market type booths, the booth rental rates are usually cheaper, so the people who are selling antiques usually sell them for less.
2.  I've found a few stores that I frequent.  I strike out most days, but every fourth time or so....success!
3.  I also know if I find old things, really old things, someone probably just made a large donation, and I look even harder.  I dig deeper, and I come back the next day in case all the 'things' that were donated aren't out yet.
4.  When I go to antique stores, I usually pick up some items I generally know the price of (Mason Jars used to be my thing, during Christmas, knee hugger elves).  I know about what they run, and so I know when I've found a deal....and if I've found a deal-there are probably more deals in that booth to be had.
5.  I google search things I'm not sure of the value when I pick them up, and I've found out that I've discovered some real treasures, or...duds by searching what the items are selling for, BUT the price listed doesn't mean the value, just what people think they can get.
6.  The smaller the town, the harder I search out the Salvation Armies and antique stores b/c the further you are from the big city, the less competition.
7.  Sometimes, when I want something really specific, it's worth letting go of the search and paying a little more at more expensive antique stores or online, or I'll spend three times that 'hunting' for that item and finding a bunch of other stuff.

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