Turkey Cookies

Saturday, November 16, 2019
 I have wanted to make this set of cookies for several years. It sat in my pins, and I was always going to make these for my table for Thanksgiving, but the people attending Thanksgiving this year would not appreciate the effort (minus about three), so....when I was assigned a task for a faux Thanksgiving table for a meeting at work-I signed on for cookies, and these were so easy, I might even make a set for people who don't appreciate the small details quite like me (they won't be offended by the comments).
 I used this recipe.  The cookies hold their shape, and the icing doesn't get as smooth as Royal, but it's so delicious.  I used a letter set of cookie cutters from the craft store I already had.  Next, I  dyed my icing brown, then got some heart and eye ball sprinkles from Wilton.  I was also feeling lazy and just bought some orange decorators icing (which I do a lot for reds and blacks if I don't need a lot of the color, b/c it can be a hassle to get the right color). I squeezed it from the tube and added about a teaspoon of Clear Karo Syrup to the 1/4 c. of icing.
 I piped the brown, then added the eyes and heart, and piped on the nose.  I let the icing harden over night and bagged them up.
There is about to be a lot more baking going down at my house this week b/c there are about 9 meals I'm attending in the next 7 days.  I have to bring a dish to most, and like any good blogger, I'm trying out things for the first time and making other people eat them.  Forget Grandma's Recipe.  I'm saving those for Thanksgiving for the fuddy duddies, who also won't be eating Turkey Cookies, but they will eat Grandmother's dressing.  And....so will I.  

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