Magic Hanging Hack

Sunday, March 22, 2020
I've been looking for the perfect way to store my  in my craft room.  Don't we all have that problem?  I finally found this old belt rack that used to be a display case at an auto shop.  It's pretty heavy.  It didn't fit all of my glitter, but if fit enough of my glitter to keep me from purchasing a 9th jar of gold glitter next time I'm at the store!  
This is NOT an add, but I hate hanging heavy things on dry wall.  
Have you seen these hooks?  They are sometimes call gorilla hooks.  You can get them at craft stores (I usually use a coupon), hardware stores, and big box stores.   They require no tools.  And....they hold soooo well!  
Each hook holds up to 25 pounds.  I used two to hang this guy up.  It's probably about 30 pounds.

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