Easter Table-Shabby Chic

Tuesday, March 24, 2020
This Thursday...maybe even tomorrow (pending cancelations) I have a craft segment that will air on GMT.  I'll try to remember to post it on facebook later.  I was given a pretty broad brush, and supplies are harder to come by with so many stores closed and shipments being delayed, but I was able to get some curbside crafts via Michael's (Joann offers the same service).  I went with this shabby chic look for Easter.
 I made a little candy pouch after google a free template for a chocolate bunny and hot gluing the two sides together.  I left the bottom open, filled it with candy, then sealed it with glue.  These would be fun for table markers.
I saw a tutorial just like this via pizzazzerie last year and bought some shower rings for just this project....that I put off until now.  All you have to do to make these napkin rings is wrap a shower ring with twine (or fabric) and then pop the stick off a planter sticker and glue it to the front.  You could do this for any holiday (sea shell for summer?).  You can also use toilet paper rolls cut down for your ring, but these last longer.  Shower rings may be easier to find right now!  
Last up, I cracked eggs from the top, cleaned it,  placed a wick inside,  and poured in melted wax.  If you have candles with just a little wax left, you can also pour that into eggs b/c it doesn't take much wax and who wants to burn that last 1/4 of a candle?!  Another idea is to dye the shell (just don't boil them) to have a more colorful table.  
Since we are all quarantined, they asked me to Skype from home, but....there's June.  So, I asked if I could prerecord.  I had to sit to fit the table and myself into the horizontal shot using my iPhone, and my brother did the filming since he's currently quarantined at my house, so....basically-daytime Emmy?

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