Vintage French Bathroom

Monday, March 30, 2020
It's fair to say, it's been a weird, scary, and tiring last few weeks.  In the midst of all the quarantines, I was able to finish up my bathroom redo (with the exception of organizing some of my drawers b/c I lack a few supplies and most stores are currently closed).  I wanted to do a (sort of) vintage French theme for my bathroom.  I wanted whites (b/c I can change it to anything very easily in the future) with cream walls (my favorite).  I also wanted to get this completed before I turned least I managed to beat 41.  I have 3 more things on that list, and I'm not giving up despite the deadline.  In this case, I was trying to be financially responsible.  
 I've shared a few things already, like this little sign that is a page I framed from an old French dictionary.  The word was 'swimming'-complete with pictures on how to save someone from drowning.
 And I love this 5 gallon pickling jar I'm using to store towels and rest books and magazines.
 I also found a box of old French phrase cards from high school.  This is probably the first time I've ever used them.  I sandwiched them into a frame from Target.  I did have to use double sided tape on the reverse side to keep them in place.
 When you first enter the bathroom I have a wall of just some fun antiques I've been collecting.  Several are pages from old fashion magazines.  I also found (and framed) fabric samples written in French.  I have also just collected some fun little jars and containers that don't have a lot of purpose.  I'm TRYING to be better about making things functional, but....what function would an entrance wall really hold?
 Some closer views.
 Over the sink, one thing I left from my old bathroom were jars of ducks.  I had a lot of blue and white and silver, but I just loved them too much to let them go.  I also have a big jar of vintage buttons I just thought were fun.
 I have also become obsessed with mirrors.  I have a collection in my room now too in creams and golds, were for the bathroom.  I've been collecting these for a couple of years.
 I also found this two tiered basket at Sur La Table that works great for housing a lot of the necessities without taking up much space.
 I love the old shaving mirror.  It's not functional, but instead of using the mirror that came with this vanity, I decided I wanted to keep my old mirror and it was a little off center, so this helps make that less obvious.
 I also found the cutest bath math from Anthropologie in French.
 As soon as I laid it down, I realized it was going to (more likely) end up being a dog bed.
 I love this old tin piece.
I also found an old bedside table to sit next to the bathtub with bath salts etc.  
 I had this old window in my bathroom, but to stick with the theme, I added some vinyl to make it look like an old shop window.  I also embroidered some towels.
I also had someone from Etsy sew me some shower curtains in black and white striped fabric.  
 I bought a little spoon on Etsy as well I had someone stamp "Bath Salt" in French as well.
 So, with our current normal, I guess this is where I'll be going to seek a little relaxation and to 'get away.'

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