Oahu 2020

Wednesday, April 01, 2020
 I just got back from my 6th trip to Hawaii.  You might say, it's my favorite.  I used free airline miles to get there, so I took two days off work with the intention of flying back a week later (with a few days left of my spring break-the best deals leave on strange days and times).  To keep a long story short-it was wild b/c when I left the Corona Virus was just ramping up and it made me a little nervous to fly, but by the first morning I woke up in Hawaii, I feel like the world absolutely fell apart (in order to come back together).  Schools started shutting.  Restaurants.  By the time we left the Island, they went from two cases on a different Island to 15 on Oahu.  Restaurants were take out only.  Stores closed.  Sites closed.  The day we left the beaches closed, there was a curfew enforced, and visitors were asked not to come for a month.   With the airline rush, we tried to stay away from groups as much as possible.   We had two beautiful days, but everything going on was always on my mind.
 We stayed at the Outrigger Waikiki and we could hear the ocean.  I left the balcony door open several nights just so I could listen to the waves.
 We also went to eat at a place called The Reef (one of my favorite spots-it used to be the Shorebird).  You grill out with a great view of Diamond Head.  While we were waiting, I walked out to the beach and saw 4 large sea turtles swimming around.
 Two days we rented a car and drove around the Island.  I'm convinced if you don't love Oahu, it's because you haven't ventured around the Island and taken in the gorgeous beaches and views.
 We stopped at Turtle Bay for lunch at their poolside view.  The view was stunning of some pretty heavy waves, and the food was delicious.  Side note-you can park for free, but the lot is quite a hike, so you can also valet for $10.  They will let you valet for free if you are handicap.
 We stopped at Pipeline where the waves, even 'small' on these days, come in with so much power.
 I also grabbed a snow cone in Haliewa.  This is where I learned (years ago) how much I love snow cones with an ice cream center.
 I also stopped at Dole Plantation.  I can't get over how adorable pineapples are as babies and always visit them in their 'nursery'.
 There were only two days with beautiful sunsets, but, I'll take 2.
 The whales were in full force.  You could see them spout from the shore all around the island.  Another good way to spot them is to look and see where the boats are hanging out!  We took a cruise out and got to see a mama and her calf.
 It also rained, a LOT (probably 3 full days).  It had something to do with there being no trade winds, but the locals were talking about how unusual it was to have this much rain, so you know it's impressive.  There were flash flood warnings, and Kauai even had a tornado watch, which the newscaster said they had never heard of (though I'm sure it has happened before).
 It rained so hard that the dirt was washing down from the mountains and the beach water was brown for about a yard.  We were driving around one of these days and there was some pretty epic water that I normally would not want to drive through.  In the future, I'd stick to the hotel.
All things considered, Oahu is always amazing, but it was a different reality this time with so much going on in the world, hearing about the super market shortages back home, the pandemic, and death toll rising.  It just reminds me to always have supplies, even when I leave (which I had bought some of before leaving), and to not take for granted my health or the people out there dealing with this virus.  The flight home every cough and sneeze made me cringe.  I'm grateful for the good memories in the mist of a trying time, and so far, I've stayed healthy.   I know so much of that is beyond my control, and I'm grateful for the memories.  I, for sure, look forward to going back once things have settled down and the world is healthy and well.

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