Paint Your Own Easter Egg Cookies

Friday, March 19, 2021

I have wanted to do these for several years.  Finally, Easter is close enough to my spring break that I was able to take advantage of having a little bit more time in my schedule.  I found the edible paint pallets on Etsy and chose the Easter colors.  I found the plastic bristle paint brushes at Hobby Lobby, and I found all the ingredients for the cookies in my pantry.  Ha!  I didn't use the typical Royal Icing Recipe, but my favorite sugar cookie recipe.  I added Karo Syrup to the recipe so it would harden.
I packaged each cookie up in a small cellophane bag b/c I was shipping them, or packaging multiple in the Easter bags I snagged a few years back at Hallmark (I told you I had been planning this for awhile).  I also packaged the paint pallets in a smaller cellophane bag.  
Some of the cookies I boxed up and mailed to some of my younger pals, and then I packaged up the ones I plan to pass out to friend's kiddos in the bunny bags and included the paint brush.  

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