Happy New Year's Eve 2006!

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I use this time to reflect on the past year, and to make resolutions for the new year ahead, and then by February I start thinking about chocolates, and hearts, and vacation and it'll be 11 more months before I get this time of reflection again. I also write down my resolutions, so some years it's a little disheartening to read Dec 31. The sermon this week at church was a great thought launch pad for me, it won't be the projections we make on this side of the old year, but the principles that will impact our life in 2007 and if we change what needs to be changed, hold tight to what is going well and utilize the next 365 chances we have to change the directions of our life, and/or carry through with the course we have set that is right for our life it should be a "Happy New Year!" One thing that keeps getting emphasized in my heart this holiday season as I wrote and received all the well wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, is the fact that in 2007, though I knowI will have a great year of wonderful adventures to report next December, and my prayer is for that in each of your lives, there will definitely be times of difficulties, but I need to keep my eye on what God is doing in my life regardless of the circumstance in my life at any given day, or year, I can embrace the future with confidence and hope. Philippians 1:6 "[For I am] confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus."

I stole this from Nicole's site :O)

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What American accent do you have?
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2 Thumbs, and 2 Toes Up

Wednesday, December 27, 2006 3 comments

How great is Dream Girls? If I haven't seen it, and don't KNOW how great it is, you must go, it's so good....it better win 'something.' I LOVED it, it's been a season of fabulous movies, but I can definitely see why they are whispering awards for this one!
A few other small updates, I've had the chance to catch up with old friends over the last few days, which is always a good thing, and one that has yet to be featured on my blog....Kristina! She made her way down from Austin and took a little time away from biking and computer talk to say hello....we haven't determined the exact year we met, but I think it was the summer after kindergarten when we played on the Bad News Bears together...and for the next 10 summers. We were pretty frightening in those yellow uniforms year after year. We had to stick together to survive the team's tempers.....I dare say we were the most mellow in the group.....I now teach at the elementary school Kristina attended.....it's a small world.

Merry Christmas

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A few photos from my family Christmas.
Mom and I spent Christmas Eve with the family attending services, eating dinner at my Aunt's, and checking out lights. Christmas Day everyone came over to my house and Jason and his family joined us. I felt spoiled having everyone here...running out of chairs is my very favorite issue to solve at any holiday :O). All family members eating at my table on Christmas were subjected to torture via my new video camera. The interview questions for the year? The five best things that happened this year and their predictions/hopes for the coming year. The plan is to watch it next holiday season and see what a difference a year makes and be able to reflect back on this year with a smile. Thus far, I am the only one who knows what each person said...for a large bribe I could probably be convinced to reveal the findings early, but I doubt my price can be met....

A Day in Big D-Lydia, Holly and Christy

Saturday, December 23, 2006 4 comments

Today Lydia, Holly and I headed out to lunch at Antares-A Dallas must....we spun around the city once and ate lunch and then headed off to the Nashar Sculpture Center (I have a slide show for those of you wanting more photos, most of them are not what one would normally find at the museum :O)....I'm including a few on the blog so you get the idea. When I first went to the Nashar, the sculpture "Walking to the Sky" was the big deal, it can be seen from the highway....and the picture doesn't do it justice, but you get the general idea. We studied a little "Art Appreciation" for the first

two and a half hours of our journey in and around the museum, but about 15 minutes before closing time, we decided to try our hand at a little "Art Interpretation." These are just a few of our thoughts and ideas, I'd hate to see what a little more time would have done for our inspiration. After the Nashar we headed back towards the American Airline Center where we met up with the rest of the family for the Mavs Vs. Clippers game, it was a complete slaughter and at one point (before the forth team and, what I suspect may have been some random fans from the bleachers came in to play) we were up by more than 40! All in all-a good day in Dallas!

Sandye and Wolf's Simcha

Thursday, December 21, 2006 1 comment

This evening Sandye became a Mrs. It was a very unique service, I have been to "Jewish" weddings before, but none of anyone as devote as Sandye, I learned a lot. Wolf is from Mexico, his family immigrated during the holocaust, but he considers himself a Mexican first, so in honor of his heritage, a mariachi band played and I got to witness the bedecking, which was very beautiful, I could tell how much Wolf loves Sandye. After the Rabbi gave a speech we then entered into a room for the ceremony that took place under the huppa. The procession was very different from any I have seen before, and there were a lot of chants and symbolic exchanges and a signing of the Katuba (spelling?). The few lines that Sandye recited were some very beautiful verses from the Old Testament "I am my beloved, and my beloved is mine..." After the service we followed the couple out and they went to another room for some alone time (this has a name, but I don't know what it is). We entered another room for dinner and lots and lots and lots of dancing to begin the evening. I got a small lesson in the steps that lead you around the circle surrounding the couple, and it was fun to see the couple lifted into the chair next to the groom. Sandye was an absolutely stunning bride. My camera did not do well in this environment, this is the best shot I have, but you can get a feel for the back of her dress that is bustled here. She wore a smile throughout the reception. I left before the evening concluded out of sheer exhaustion, but it looks like they were dancing it up. I can't wait to watch them grow as a couple and as a family.

A Quarter of a Century

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Jimmy reached the ripe old age of 25 yesterday I didn't check for any gray hairs, or test for memory failure (yet)....but obviously he's young enough to still enjoy a wild evening of birthday cone hat wearing, skipbo playing, candle blowing fun with Lydia and the rest of the family.....and the Mavericks were nice enough to pull up a relatively stress free win to round out the evening....it looks like this will be a fun year!

Not too much....

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There isn't a whole lot to report....it's been a busy week at work for office referals, 'we' just need to get through the next three days, and I think everyone will benefit from a long break, hopefully some of the kiddos will forget some of their 'plots and plans.' Other than work.....today I went and helped Angie out again with some flowers for a wedding-red and gold, I didn't remember my camera b/c I headed over so early in the morning, BUT....I didn't have to do any coursages, yea! When I got home, Jason and the kiddos had come over for lunch. Mom had invited them (probably b/c she wanted to make this one dish I'm not crazy about, but he is, so it was a good excuse). I've been raking the last few hours....there is still a lot more to do, but I think it's time for a movie break, there are plenty of weekends left before the spring and more leaves appear :O). I have a busy week ahead of me.....and if I remember my camera, I will be adding a lot of little post...

Memory Lane

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This year I am really excited because the very first class of students I taught will be graduating in a little over a year! In fact, the group I taught as a student teacher (who were in 4th grade) are also graduating at the same time! So, I ran across autobiographies they wrote (my kiddos from the district I'm currently in) and they have been in the back of my mind for years b/c I think I remember telling them I would be getting those to them somehow before they graduated (I have since wisened up a bit and started sending them home with their parents at the graduation ceremony). In their autobiographies they talked about their past, present (that good ole sixth grade drama and pals) and future (which was the most fun). So, I wrote up a little letter, copied some old school pictures and included their biographies and individually sealed each little bundle. I spoke with the principal of the school that those that continued on the path they were on would be attending and she was really excited to deliver them. I included my work email and have received the most precious emails over the last few days from some of the students letting me know how they are doing (with hopefully more to come). I've been really pleased by the number of NLE alumns that are still there, and the successes they have made....it gave me a little glimmer of hope. They had so much to overcome, and having done so....being the 'first' they hold a special spot in my memories. I have two more students that moved after sixth grade, but were just old souls and so incredible, I'm on the hunt to locate them and get them their autobiographies....I know they are doing well, I'd just love to know what they are doing :O).

Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree

Whew....it's been a whirlwind of holiday events. I feel like for everything I attend, I don't go to two....but I guess it could be a much worse situation! I had a Christmas party last Thursday, which was a lot of fun, with so many parties, it was a blast to do a white elephant....man, did I get some great ideas for future white elephant parties! It was the first of three invites I actually attended. Friday I went to see the movie "The Holiday" and I really liked it! Saturday I went to a Christmas brunch where I exchanged ornaments (the second one of those this season). I did rake for a couple hours when I got home, but I can't say there was much progress, I have a lot left to do....and I will....at least before next fall! Saturday evening was a traditional trip to see the Living Christmas Tree, we go every year, and it's neat, imagine a Christmas tree as tall as your churchceiling that the choir climbs and sings in with a little mini Transyberian Orchestra light show choreographed to the songs. Sunday was church, then a long winter's nap..... Sunday evening I went to something called Gloria with over 1000 choir members singing, it was pretty cool, the singers were amazing, per usual....tomorrow evening I have a Christmas party for work, and there are several more upcoming events....attendance TBA later....

Texas, Our Texas....

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....I just got home from a short trip to Austin. I went down yesterday with my principal, counselor and our Instructional Specialist. My name was 'drawn' from the teachers that give TAKS to tag along and accept an award for the school. It was a good time getting to know the 'new' principal....I feel like I got to know her as more of a person and see a lot of strength I think will be emerging as she gets her feet wet this year as 'The' Principal of the school (we don't have a VP)....we participated in a seminar, and got fed at an awards reception, then we shopped and ate our way home after spending the night. It's rare that teachers get to 'travel,' so it was nice, though I'm pretty tired now....I'm looking forward to at three day week! I also learned a lot about some of the other principals and how they do their jobs....there were some very interesting revelations, and I'm glad to be where I currently am.

Sandye's Bachelorette

Sunday, December 03, 2006 1 comment

It's about time for my weekly Sandye update (she won't need a blog of her own with friends like me!:O) Today was Sandye's Bachelorette, about 17 of us met up at BJ's Pizza and ate dinner, and Sandye opened lingerie. We then headed across the street to Pete's Dueling Piano Bar, Sandye was brought on stage and serenaded by one of the piano players and everyone else at the place, and later she led a little dance with other people celebrating that evening. The next Sandye related post with be her swiftly approaching wedding!