Sunday, January 21, 2007

Feeding the Fans....

OK, there isn't THAT much going on, but I feel required to blog at LEAST once a week (I think you might get a double dose this week) because if I don't, then people stop visiting....and I can't afford to lose anyone....after harrassing Kelly for not reading, now she claims there is nothing to read when she tries to visit. Let me think....this weekend:
1. I taught my first (in a long series) of "Saturday Schools"....kinda seems like a lesson on antonyms.....those two little words together....
2. I met up with a bunch of gals from my 'old school'.....the usual three amigos, and we let a few more was interesting to revisit old times, and every once in awhile I do miss it, but the drive would probably prevent me from going back anytime soon (along with about a 1000 other reasons.....though I should now define 'soon')
3. I finished a scrapbook this weekend I've been working on for about 6 months, and planned on starting and finishing this summer-it was my "Hawaii" album....I now need to do 2006-the only little snag there is-I need to buy a LOT more pages because I took a million pictures with the new digital camera.
Things I did not do:
1. Return phone calls, I really am very sorry, usually I call in the car (You know me and my cell phone activity plan, right Nicole?) I have not returned calls, I've been listening to a book on CD and am trying to 'finish' it before the due date, but plan to set it aside regardless b/c I think the list of people I owe a call to is longer than the number of people in the white pages.
2. I have two books I'm currently working on reading.....I'm ALMOST done....I don't know why reading a book feels like an accomplishment, but I think I'm going to start putting it on a 'to do' list so I feel even more satisfied when I'm able to check it off the list. AND NOW ::moving furniture aside to set up my soap box:: or ::finding a nice couch to lie on while I pretend a counselor listens as I reveal the soul searching I'm currently doing:: I've really been into Max Lucado books lately and am currently reading "In the Grip of Grace"'s been a great read, the chapters are short, it's easy to dedicate time to read a chapter a day. One thing that seems to be the topic a lot EVERYWHERE I go is 'grace' and I just read a paragraph that I loved (though I've enjoyed the entire book). Let me set the scene before I plagiarize the paragraph: The topic is a struggle I definitely deal with, we are either taken away from where we know we should be through sin, or we sink into guilt (instead of focusing on the gift of grace we have been given) because we feel like we are always having to ask for things-including forgiveness and it's feels as if we can never be 'good enough.' The world tells Christians they aren't good enough, people seem to think Christians think they don't sin....I definitely sin, if I didn't sin, I doubt I would have ever realized I needed a Savior-I hope that people can tell I'm a Christian just through my actions, but my actions-good or bad don't determind my salvation, though sin can definitely effect the quality of my life as a Christian. (Chapter 14 The Civil War of the Soul) "...who told you that you deserved forgiveness the first time? When you came to Christ did He know every sin you'd committed up until that point? Yes. Did Christ know every sin you would commit in the future? Yes, he knew that too. So Jesus saved you, knowing all the sins you would ever commit until the end of your life? Yes. You mean He is willing to call you His child even though He knows each and every mistake of your past and future? Yes."