Sunday, February 18, 2007


There is "No News" to really report (none that I'm willing to report on a public blog) I am 27 and 7 months.....THAT about covers the excitment of the weekend. The week has been interesting, it was really long with a lot of late night meetings, and this week promises to be the same. Tomorrow I have a mentoring meeting at church, Tuesday is a work related meeting after tutoring (and I'm administering the state test to 4th graders, 6th graders test in April, but they didn't have enough administrators, so I'm being pulled from my class to do it, and I have a sub in my place). Wednesday is the dentist, Thursday=meeting, Friday I'm babysitting at church, Saturday is 'game night' with the church group, I'm DETERMINED to 'make' myself go, it's so easy to talk myself out of it....really, this is what consumes me.....along with the fact that I have no news, I am interested in hearing from you guys and look forward to hearing good news on your ends, my cell phone is acting up, my wall charger isn't working...and I need to phone shop.....but....I don't want the expense, so I just charge my phone too and from work, and my calls have been dwindling as I wait to get a new phone....or a new charger.....but time and money is what is holding me back....and then your ears will be burning with all the ringing!