Christymas Shopping

Saturday, October 27, 2007 No comments
Whoops....Today I went Christmas shopping-I thought I'd get a headstart on the holiday (which is a slow start for me, I'm usually finished by now). I started out the morning at the Huffines Art Festival (so fabulous, it's an outside craft/art/gourmet goodies festival), and then I hit just about every store inbetween, but I really wasn't able to find the things I was looking for....for other people. I found plenty of things for myself. Maybe I can save us all some shopping and just put tags with each of your names on the gifts I bought for me and then it won't seem so bad. Perhaps I would have had fewer struggles finding gifts for friends if I wasn't so focused on the things I 'needed.'


I did it, I attended my 10-Year Reunion, or at least-the first part. For a few hundred extra I could be having dinner with the others who paid the fee tonight, but I chose to attend the part I was the most interested in because I have the good fortune of keeping up with a lot of high school friends and having dinner with them more frequently than every ten years (with less of a price tag), maybe next time... I was talking with a friend at work about it this last week and she told me the girls would look the same, and the guys would have less hair-she was right! Other than that, everyone naturally formed their little clicks, including me, I headed straight to my zone of friendship. Per usual we all chatted amongst the groups, but in the end, we sat with the people we sat with in high school within the group of reunion goers. Despite the class of 475 that I graduated with-there were only about 30-40 people that went to the game last night (that I saw), it might be that more come tonight, but it was an interesting experience all the same. A few of my friends had cameras and I let them do the picture taking-I'll post a few pictures when the email them to me.

Race for the Cure Part 3

Saturday, October 20, 2007 1 comment

This morning we headed downtown early to join up with the other 20,000 or so racers in this year's Dallas Race for the Cure. My Mom wasn't planning on joining in since she had a bilateral less than four weeks ago, but she decided she didn't want to be left out...and she walked (though that's probably small fries compared to the other battles she has been fighting lately, it was good to see). It took almost 30 minutes to even get to the start line due to the crowd ahead of us (the runners were already finishing up!), but I do have proof we weren't the last of the walkers, in fact, this is the crowd that extended way past my camera's view finder of all those walking behind us :O)

Eating Away the Pain ;O)

Saturday, October 13, 2007 No comments
Today I headed to the State Fair for my second go round (any year with two visits to the State Fair is a good year). It was a really nice morning, though it got warm towards the afternoon. The crowds must have all decided this was the day to head out since the weather has finally cooled down. I've never seen so many people at the fair (and it's usually what I would call 'crowded'). The Fletcher's Corny Dog line took over 30 minutes....insanity at it's greatest. I can finally say I've seen everything I want to see....though I wouldn't argue if someone wanted to go a third time, despite the fact that I've officially eaten myself sick on the fair food.....I blame it on the trauma from the haircut!

New Do's

Friday, October 12, 2007 3 comments

I'm about to head down the salon to get my hair chopped off. No pictures yet, and I don't know if you will get any, depending on the outcome. It's definitely not vanity I'm looking for with a hair cut. This time it's nice to have the support of a friend. I've been growing out my hair for the last 5 years (since the last dramatic cut and donation), and I knew it was 'about that time'...making an appointment has been on my list for a few weeks, and this weekend was the weekend....and then I got a call two days ago from my partner-in-crime, Regan and she said she was thinking about getting her hair cut off (we were comparing hair a few months back at her wedding), but she needed the emotional support from me to do it together, even a few states apart....ironic timing? So....she did it this morning and I'm headed out in a few the meantime-here is Regan's before and after.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice....

Thursday, October 11, 2007 No comments

Here is a project I have going on at the moment. A few friends and I are working on throwing a shower for Aimee P (I have two friends with that name-this ones the friend from work). Her little girl, Taylor is due in December. She wants low key, so we are having a shower full of sweets and pink everything (including the dessert), starting with the invitation attached to a celophane bag I filled with the pink M&Ms that are out right now for Breast Cancer Awareness month....good timing! More pictures to come in November!

The Case for Christ

Sunday, October 07, 2007 No comments
Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing Lee Strobel speak. I loved everything he had to say, and I highly recommend his books(The Case for Faith, The Case for Christ, The Case for Creation, The Case for the Real Jesus), or if you get the chance to see him....go! He's got a great story. If you don't know his story (or have something to add) a nut shell he was passionate about atheism until his wife became a Christian. At the time he was working as a legal reporter for a Chicago paper (with a degree in journalism from MO and law from Yale), he went out to expose the problems with Christian beliefs, but in the end he sawthe evidence showed it would have required more faith to remain an Athiest than it would have to become a Christian when presented with the facts.