Friday, July 04, 2008

Kaboom Town

I have heard about Kaboom Town for years, I've passed the signs, and listened to the radio ads since my teenage years.....which were a FEW years ago....and this year-I finally went. It was the most crowded fireworks show I've ever been to, but now, I completely understand why. The fireworks we amazing, a live stage hosted acts all evening, with vendors to keep you well nurished, and a movie projected on a live screen closed out the evening after the fireworks. We were also treated to a military air show for well over an hour, which is something I've not experience-complete with paratroopers.


Brian and Ella said...

where in the world is that??? sounds amazing!

Christy said...

It was in Addison, and very fun! It was also really crowded, but there were tons of families out there. The nice thing is they hold it the day before the 4th, so I got to go to two fireworks shows this year! :O)