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Monday, September 29, 2008

FINALLY, after having this fabric forever (which equals a year and a half on the official Christy Calendar), and then sitting down, cutting, sewing, ironing, and blundering through my third quilt….then taking it off to be ‘quilted’ (there is some irony in the fact that few people actual ‘quilt their quilts’)…I got it back. I asked for very specific quilting to be done, I definitely wanted lots of ‘school stuff.’ The lady who quilted wrote “Dick and Jane” along the edges, designed each square differently, and then filled the rest with apples, scissors, rulers, pencils, and the alphabet. I love it. No more school related quilts for awhile, but I think it nicely represents some of the colors I tend to like, and the direction in which my career has taken me, and it makes me smile, which is a good way to end a long project! Click on the photos below for more 'detailed' pitures of the details. :O)


Hurtado Family said...

Wow! Where do you take things to be quilted?

Christy said...

If you go to the fabric store they will have all sorts of names of ladies who do it as a business. I go to a lady named Carla who I love, and is reasonable (for quilting, which actually never seems THAT reasonable, but I previously went to a different lady I liked, but was amore expensive). If you want her number, email me, she's super, and lives near McKinney. :O)

Ella said...

wow!! go, christy, go!! that is an amazing quilt...i love it!! I love how it so beauifully expresses your love for teaching children!! Yet again I am very impressed with your skills!