Magnets-Part Two

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I collect magnets on my vacations. There is an embarrassing number on both fridges in my house. I saw these on Martha, and I thought....I can make my own vacation magnets from now on (not that I'll stop buying them, it's 'my thing')....but, it'll be fun to turn some of my favorite pictures into magnets. I experimented, and as all good experiments go---the first go to my Mom, because regardless of the outcome she will love them. These are of Jason fly-fishing in Oklahoma, and me on a beach on Oahu (the picture OF these are a little blurry because the glass reflected my flash). I used the same magnets from JoAnne's as I used in my previous post, and I bought large, flat marbles from Hobby Lobby. I also got the glue (in the link) from Hobby Lobby. I'm sure they had it some of the other stores, but....I just collect supplies over a period of time depending on the phase of the moon, the price of milk, the pollen in the air...whatever. They used scrapbook paper in the link, and I was a little nervous about impact putting glue on the pictures would have, but the colors stayed true and didn't bleed. The instructions are here:

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