Walking White Rock Lake

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Holly and I decided to walk around White Rock Lake today. It's 9 and a half miles, and it kicked my tail. About halfway I imagined using my phone to call someone to come pick me up, and I tried to decide how I could explain where I was....I got over that, and focused on the positive: the wildflowers were beautiful, sailboats were out and about on the lake, and there were plenty of people to watch along the trail. The first half was physical, the second half became mental, but we had lots of good conversation to distract us. We made it, and we both agreed we would do it again. I think I need to get back to my 3 mile walks and get back in the walking habit before I go back out.


Maurine and Derek said...

so nice how far is it from home? Have to tell you some of the walking here has kicked my butt

Christy said...

This is the trail near downtown, you can see the skyline along part of the walk. It's really beautiful....and really long! I look forward to hearing where all you have 'walked' ;o) in Hawaii!

Msheepers said...

I'm impressed!

I would have been thinking about calling somebody to pick me up LONG before you did.